Vision Classic is a company with a rich history. Founded in 1996 in Russia, it developed and produced high-quality and natural complexes of vitamins and minerals that have remained synonymous with a healthy life to this day.
We are a young company that has continued this rich tradition and paved the way full of enthusiasm, work and progress.
Every day we work on designing new solutions, developing new technologies and applying innovative production methods in order to improve product quality. All our products are registered in the database of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, which means that they have passed all the necessary checks and analyzes by accredited laboratories. We have achieved long-term fruitful cooperation and a time-tested reliable partnership with foreign companies, laboratories and research centers of the European Union and the Russian Federation.
We are extremely proud of our products, made from exclusively high-quality raw materials with the use of the latest high-tech equipment. Raw materials with the highest biologically active properties come from the cleanest regions of the world.
In all production plants, regardless of the country in which they are located, the most modern technology is applied. All products are fully compliant with the highest standards of quality and safety: HACCP, ISO and GMP.


• Top quality – from the initial raw materials to the final product.
• Advanced production in accordance with the strictest international standards.
• Complete control of all stages – from research to the final product.
You can spend your free time reading texts about our products and in that way learn something new or confirm some previously acquired knowledge. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in your health. It is the most precious resource we have.
Browse the pages of our online store and accept our cordial invitation to feel free to write to us, call our phone numbers, or, best of all, come to us. It will be our great pleasure to tell you, in addition to tea, about the composition and action of our products. You will always be able to hear the experiences of those people who use our products every year and enjoy all the privileges and benefits we offer to our loyal customers.

We are not looking for a solutions, we are the solution!

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