Natural soaps

Natural soaps based on quail eggs, which has 27 minerals and vitamins that are completely in the soap. A, D, E, K and the whole VITAMIN B complex, of which B6 and B12 stand out. By itself, the combination of vitamins A, D and E completely regenerates and regenerates the skin and hair. Immortelle essential oil hydrates the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles, nourishes particularly sensitive skin and visibly reduces all types of freckles, including aging. Immortelle essential oil is the most expensive oil in the world and is the basis of a large number of pharmaceutical preparations from all world companies.
COCONUT OIL suppresses bacteria and fungi and does not allow them to settle on the skin. OLIVE OIL gives the skin radiance and elasticity.

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Vanilla & Cinnamon Soap (Peeling)
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