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Di Reset – the perfect product for perfect immunity

What should be the ideal product for immunity?

Immunity support – everyone knows that this is the best prevention against diseases. The choice of omnipotent innovative and revolutionary means on the modern market is very rich: from tablets, syrups and balms to teas and yogurts. How to choose an efficient and safe variant that will not disrupt the work of our organism?

Five elements

The basic task of the immune system is to protect the organism from various aggressive factors. At the same time, he himself needs protection. Doctors claim that human immunity reaches the peak of its development by the age of 15, and then gradually decreases, and then deteriorates sharply at the age of 50. The situation is aggravated by stress, unbalanced diet, improper lifestyle. Even the most common cold results in lying in bed for two weeks. Heavy artillery comes on the scene: strong drugs that further weaken the body or immunomodulators that are, in their estimation, bought in pharmacies. But the immunity product must conform to certain principles.

  • 1. Mild action. The biggest mistake in strengthening immunity is choosing the strongest agent in the pharmacy’s arsenal. According to statistics, 5% of people who have problems with immunity, must undergo serious treatment. For others, the work on strengthening the immunity will only harm them: after the increase in activity, the protective forces will fall sharply, and all the problems will manifest themselves. Therefore, the right means of immunity must act slowly, helping the organism, not disturbing its work and not causing addiction.
  • 2. Natural composition. Products for strengthening immunity on a natural basis are better absorbed by the body and cause allergies less often. At the same time, the useful properties of the ingredients during processing must be preserved as well as possible and must go well together, strengthening their interactions.
  • 3. Strengthening “intestinal immunity”. Beneficial bacteria that live in the intestines are responsible for this immunity. In order for their number to increase, and the protection to become stronger, it is necessary to “supplement” the bacteria with special things – prebiotics. A good remedy must contain components useful for “intestinal immunity”. Inulin is one of the best prebiotics.
  • 4. Improving blood quality. It is understood that the work of immunity is impossible without immune blood cells – macrophages and leukocytes. These important cells, as well as beneficial intestinal bacteria, need food for growth and development. Beta-glucan is an excellent remedy for this, which nourishes blood cells with nutrients and prolongs their lifespan. Beta-glucan increases the functionality of macrophages, enabling them to destroy a large number of parasites, bacteria and viruses.
  • 5. Ease of application. The more complex the way of using the preparation, the more often we forget to take it or we simply do not succeed. Preparations that need to be taken several times a day at strictly defined intervals, drops that need to be dissolved in water, and products that need special storage conditions, can be ineffective only because we did not drink them on time or did not put them in the refrigerator. Because of this, the optimal variant are preparations in the form of tablets or capsules that are easy to drink with water.

Best of the best

During the autumn season, which is very complex for immunity due to flu and colds, the innovative research laboratory Vision DEM4 created an ideal means for strengthening immunity — Di Reset. It literally renews the immune system, making it work at full strength. Di Resetcorresponds to all the parameters of the ideal product for the immune system.

Di Reset has a mild action. Unlike other aggressive products that strengthen the immunity and cause the body to wear out, Di Reset has a mild effect, making the immune system work at full capacity, without fatigue and sudden changes. This immune booster product can be taken regularly, not only during the cold and flu season. Di Reset improves. both systemic immunity, which depends on blood, and specific immunity, which is necessary for us after vaccination and infectious diseases.

The basis of Di Reset products — high quality natural ingredients. The main active components are beta-glucan, which is found in shiitake mushrooms, inulinwhich is obtained from chicory, blue-green algae spirulinapowder and antioxidants – vitamin E and selenium. All components of Di Reset products have a synergistic effect, and the use of the latest technologies in production allows them to preserve their useful properties.

Di Reset supports “intestinal immunity”. Inulin stimulates the reproduction of “good” and the processes of elimination of bad bacteria, which effectively strengthens “intestinal immunity”. Spirulina contains several thousand vital substances – vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Thanks to this composition, spirulina improves the work of the immune system.

Di Reset improves blood quality. The product contains beta-glucan, which plays an important role in the immune system. Beta-glucan is a nutrient for microphages and leukocytes, the immune cells of the blood. It accelerates the maturation of immune cells, activates them and prolongs their lifespan. In addition to its pronounced immunomodulatory effect, beta-glucan also has an antioxidant effect, preventing free radicals from damaging DNA chains.

Di Reset is easy to use. The product is extremely easy to use: the capsule is taken into the body once a day with a glass of water The powerful formula begins to stimulate human immunity, detoxifying it. Daily intake of Di Reset products complements a person’s daily need for vitamin E by 40%, selenium by 71% and, in addition, normalizes the function of the digestive tract, protecting the liver from the harmful effects of various toxic substances.

Double action

In an ideal product for strengthening immunity, there must be a balance of components that cleanse and those that strengthen the body. If the organism is “dirty”, the immunity cannot work properly. The selenium contained in the Di Reset product protects the body from the toxic effects of heavy metals. In interaction with heavy metals, selenium forms complexes that are quickly expelled from the body.

Di Reset can be used with Di Guard nano complex or after a cleansing treatment. Di Reset regenerates immunity, without weakening the body’s protective forces.

By choosing a means of strengthening immunity, you choose the best of the best.

Di Reset: my immunity — my fortress.

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