Junior Be Big

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• The child’s body during the period of active growth supplies the necessary vitamins and minerals.
• Prevents stunted growth and posture disorders.
• Contributes to the proper formation and growth of healthy bones and teeth.
• Strengthens tooth enamel, prevents the development of caries.
• Contributes to rapid fracture healing.
• Participates in the prevention of scoliosis and growth disorders.
• Participates in the complete absorption of calcium in the child’s body.
• Reduces nervous and muscular tension.

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Junior Be Big is available in the form of raspberry-flavored tablets. This complex contains calcium, which is necessary for the formation and strengthening of bones and teeth, as well as preventing the appearance of caries.

Vitamin D3 helps the body absorb calcium, which is especially important when changing deciduous to permanent teeth, as well as during the growth and development of bones, joints and muscles.
Bamboo extract is a rich source of silicon, necessary for the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which improve the condition of hair, nails, gums and skin.
This dietary supplement is especially useful for children who lead an active lifestyle, as well as children who are under daily sports loads.

  • An additional source of calcium
  • Reduces nervous and muscular tension
  • Strengthens teeth and bones

Quantity: 30 chewable tablets

Net weight: 51 g

Ingredients: calcium, powdered bamboo, vitamins B1, D3

(1,7 g)
Energetic value:241 kcal /
1009 kJ
4 kcal /
17 kJ
Carbohydrates58,0 g986 mg
Fats1,0 g17 mg
Calcium14705,9 mg250 mg31
Vitamin D3147 µg2,5 µg50
Vitamin B147,1 mg0,8 mg73
Powdered bamboo320,0 mg5,5 mg
Weight0.088125 kg



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