Paparazzi shake – wild berries flavor

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• Improves metabolism and helps normalize digestion.
• Optimal calories with the required daily amount of minerals and vitamins.
• Complex proteins help maintain healthy bones thanks to their digestibility.
• Minerals help maintain iron levels and thyroid function.
• Promotes weight loss and muscle growth, building strong muscles.
• Copes with the feeling of hunger quickly and efficiently.
• Helps maintain the immune system.
• Can replace one full meal.

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Exclusively for Vision, the French laboratory has developed an innovative formula – 100% PLATINUM multi4 COMPLEX FORMULA PAPARAZZI SHAKE, which contains 4 types of proteins with fast, medium and low degree of digestibility, which enables all-day nutrition of the organism. The formula has a high biological value and balanced amino acids.

100% PLATINUM multi4 COMPLEX FORMULA 4 types of protein: whey protein, milk protein, casein and soy protein.

The maximum degree of absorption of nutrients is confirmed by the European International Chemical Score (BV).

Protein quality is measured by biological value (BV – a unit used to measure how much the body can absorb and use protein). The higher the BV protein, the better the protein supports muscle development.

Chemical score (BV) Paparazzi = 167%
(chemical score – BV of chicken egg protein = 100%)

Paparazzi – a complex of vitamins, minerals and all substances that are necessary for your body every day.

Along with the delicious drink, you get a portion of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, increase fat burning at the expense of guarana extract and strengthen immunity, thanks to the strongest adaptogen and unique ingredient, white imperial ginseng Bing Han, which is part of Paparazzi shakes. Paparazzi formula has more than 30 active components.

What is the uniqueness of the white imperial ginseng Bing Han?

This is the highest quality ginseng grown on Bing Han plantations in Taiwan using an ancient tradition of growing and processing at minimum temperatures.
Six-year-old plants, hand-picked, which grew on the slopes of the mountains, are used.
Bing Han ginseng alone has more than 36 types of ginsenosides, germanium, polysaccharides, essential oils, vitamins and trace elements.
It differs from other types of ginseng by its unique healing properties and properties that affect rejuvenation.

Why guarana

The settlers of South America were surprised by the endurance and speed of the reactions of the Indians. They soon realized that the source of this kind of energy was hidden in the guarana seeds.

Guarana extract accelerates metabolic processes in the body, which contributes to fat burning. The problem of excess weight is not chemical, but biological in nature. Guarana is completely absorbed and does not irritate the intestines. It has the ability to expel toxins and excess fluid from the body. Contributes to maintaining a good emotional state. It reduces appetite and new cholesterol in the blood, cleans fat deposits from the walls of blood vessels, restores strength after hard physical work.

Paparazzi – easy and fast

The quality of food in companies usually corresponds to the principle of “fast and cheap”, rather than “tasty and useful”. Food, of course, can be brought to work, but it should be stored and reheated somewhere. The fast pace of modern life dictates its conditions to us, so that rarely anyone is lucky enough to eat regularly and with quality.
The Paparazzi multiprotein complex is a simple and comfortable way out of a situation when there is not enough time to prepare food or there are no conditions for storing it. Take a thermos with a protein shake to work or the gym, add water or milk at any time and the protein nutrition of the muscles is satisfied.

Vitaminsper serving (26 g)% NRV****
A (ER) (mg)21427 %
E (mg)3,227 %
C (µg)2227 %
B1 (mg)0,2926 %
B2 (mg)0,4734 %
PP (EN) (mg)4,528 %
B5 (mg)1,626 %
B6 (mg)0,3827 %
B9 (mg)53,927 %
B12 (mg)0,6827 %
Biotin (µg)1427 %
D3 (µg)1,427 %
MineralsPer serving (26 g)% NRV****
Sodium (g)0,31**
Potassium (mg) 77639 %
Phosphorus (mg 29742 %
Magnesium (mg) 94,325 %
Iron (mg) 4,029 %
Zinc (mg) 2,525 %
Copper (mg) 0,2828 %
Manganese (mg) 0,5025 %
Iodine (µg) 37,525 %
Selenium (µg) 1425 %
Calcium (mg) 29637 %
Active ingredientsPer serving (26 g)
Ginseng Powder (mg)100
Guarana seed extract (mg)200

Instructions for use: shake 26 g of shake with 250 ml of semi-skimmed milk. Consume immediately after preparation.

Ingredients: Multiprotein complex (soyproteins, milkproteins (wheyand milkproteins, calcium caseinate, sunflower lecithin)), dextrose, vegetable oils (soybeanoil, rapeseed oil, dextrose syrup, milkproteins, natural flavors), acacia fiber, flavors, thickeners: cellulose rubber, tare rubber; tripotassium citrate, inulin chicory, magnesium carbonate, guarana seed extract (Paullinia cupana, natural caffeine), color: red beets; Ginseng root extract (Panax ginseng), sweetener: potassium acesulfame; vitamins: C, E, A, B5, PP, D3, B6, B1, B9, biotin; acidity regulator: citric acid; iron (II) fumarate, zinc citrate, manganese gluconate, copper gluconate, sodium selenite, potassium iodide.

Nutritional value per 100 g of powder / per serving (26 g) * /% AET / TEI per serving ** /% AR / RI per serving ***: protein – 25g / 15g / 29% / 31%, fat – 9, 3g / 6.2g / 27% / 9%, carbohydrates – 39g / 22g / 42% / 8%, fiber – 11g / 3g / 3%, salts – 1.9g / 0.78g // 13%. Energy value 1563 kJ / 372 kcal.

Portion in package: 15 portions of 26 g each.

Net weight: 390 g

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    Veronika D. (verified owner)

    Počela sam da pijem ovaj šejkić pošto hoću da skinem kilažu. Moj prvi utisak je da me drži sitom skoro ceo dan. Šejkić pripremim i ponesem sa sobom na posao i to je sve što konzumiram dok sam van kuće. A kilogrami se polako tope… Ko zna možda se i ja stešem 🙂

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