Pentactive Neo bracelet – black matte with blue carbon inserts

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• Increases the general resistance of the organism.
• Gives energy.
• Improves blood circulation.
• Normalizes metabolism.
• Contributes to tissue regeneration.
• It slows down the aging process.
• Has an anti-inflammatory effect.
• Normalizes pressure.

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Pentactive Neo bracelets of refined design from the company Vision, created for modern people. They have a healing effect, aimed at improving the work of the basic systems of the human body

  • They increase the general resistance of the organism
  • They give extra energy
  • They improve blood circulation
  • They slow down the aging process

PentActive bracelets are made with the help of nanotechnology, have a healing effect on the body as a whole, strengthen health, immunity and help mitigate the negative impact of various bad factors.
The unique accessories combine the sophisticated design and technologies of the latest generation. The five bioactive elements of the PentActive bracelet fill the body with energy, improve blood circulation, normalize metabolism and slow down the aging process.
The bracelets are made of the highest quality material, based on titanium, and their surface is covered with carbon.

We suggest a classic design for sophisticated men. The size, depending on your wrist, is adjusted by removing the parts.

  • AeroTeq – bioceramic additives emit negatively charged oxygen ions with a concentration of 800–1000 ions / cm³. Possessing the ability to increase serotonin levels, they give us energy and freshness.
  • NanosilverTeq – additives with positively charged nanosilver ions that have a strong antibacterial and antiviral effect.
  • MagTeq – supplements with the effect of magnetotherapy are used to improve sleep and normalize blood pressure, but also against inflammation and pain in joints and muscles. They induce an electromagnetic field of 750–800 Gs.
  • SolarTeq– bioceramic additives with infrared radiation in the range of 4 to 14 microns. Penetrating into the skin, infrared waves come into contact with water molecules, causing blood vessels to dilate. More intensive blood circulation contributes to the normalization of metabolism and tissue regeneration.
  • GermaTeq – bioceramic additives with germanium 200 PPM. Germanium has the ability to supply cells with oxygen, stimulating them to produce energy.

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1 review for Pentactive Neo bracelet – black matte with blue carbon inserts

  1. Serbian

    Slobodan S. (verified owner)

    Imam 65 godina i bio sam na pregledu. Na moje pitanje zašto mi je tako visok pritisak, on mi je odgovorio da je pritisak 195/145 u mom uzrastu normalan. Za lekare je to možda normalno, ali za mene nije. Počeo sam da nosim narukvicu PentActiv. Posle 1,5 meseci mi se pritisak normalizovao 120/80. Posle redovne upotrebe EnjoyNT (1 ujutru i 1 uveče) prošli su i bolovi u lumbalnom delu, a sa njima sam živeo 12 godina. Kćerka se dugo bavila sportom. Kada je napunila 19 godina, od opterećenja je počela da hramlje na obe noge, medicina tu nije bila mnogo od pomoći. Propala je i ona da pije ovaj proizvod za zglobove i za 8 meseci je sve bilo kao rukom odneto.

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