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• Maintains normal hormone levels.
• Has diuretic, antiseptic and analgesic effects.
• Normalizes the menstrual cycle, reduces pain in the premenstrual period and during menstruation.
• Contributes to the removal of physical and emotional tension.
• Has antioxidant activity.
• Reduces the risk of inflammatory processes in the female sexual sphere.
• Helps prevent and relieve PMS symptoms: irritability, fatigue and swelling.
• Prevents anemia, restores blood iron levels.
• Normalizes the exchange of female sex hormones, maintains reproductive functions.

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The Artemida Classic product helps stabilize the menstrual cycle and ease the condition during menstruation.
Normalizes the hormonal balance of the female body.
Artemida Classic was created to ease PMS symptoms and improve iron levels in the blood. Regular use prolongs a woman’s reproductive period.
Angelica root contributes to the renewal of the menstrual cycle, reduces pain during PMS and menstruation, improves reproductive function. This plant helps in the normalization of diuresis, contributes to the destruction of pathogenic microbes in the urinary tract.

  • Supports natural hormone levels
  • It helps relieve the symptoms of PMS
  • Contributes to the normalization of the menstrual cycle
  • It removes emotional tension
  • Reduces the risk of inflammation of the urogenital canals
  • Restores the level of iron in the blood
  • Supports reproductive function

Nature itself has arranged that there is a hormonal balance in the female body, which preserves women’s health and which enables a woman to feel wonderful, lead an active life and look youthful. However, the hormonal balance can be disturbed, leading to a deficit or surplus of certain hormones, which are very common.

Hormonal imbalance causes a number of serious problems, which can be combined into two large and important for every woman, groups: the aging process and as a result of this process, changes in appearance and reproductive function.

A woman’s reproductive function is a complex process consisting of several levels, which is closely related to the level of hormones in the body. When this level does not correspond to the natural balance, it occurs through unpleasant symptoms in which the normal functioning of the reproductive system is impossible. And if under the influence of hormonal imbalance, only one of the stages of the cell cycle is disrupted, the female body begins to experience problems such as painful and irregular menstrual cycles, inflammatory processes in the female sexual sphere, inability to conceive, difficulties during pregnancy bring to an end, premenstrual syndrome, sudden mood swings or poor sleep. The long-term impact of such hormonal imbalances can lead to a variety of diseases: uterine fibroids, endometriosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, mastopathy, etc. which can have the final consequence of oncological diseases.

How to prolong women’s youth and preserve women’s health throughout life? The most important thing is to maintain and restore hormonal balance during the reproductive period.

Artemida Classic will help restore hormonal balance and prolong youth. It is a complex of plant components and vitamins that provide and strengthen a woman’s hormonal balance; contributes to the removal of physical and emotional tension, and with regular use leads to the normalization of menstrual cycles; reduces discomfort and pain in the premenstrual period: pain in the pelvis and chest; mood changes. If you start using Artemida Classic at a young age, age-related hormonal problems can be avoided, and with regular use, reproductive functions can be preserved in the long term.

Specially selected plant extracts and vitamins that are part of the Artemida Classic complex have a beneficial effect on the female body, prevent and reduce the unpleasant consequences of hormonal fluctuations and provide complex protection for women’s health.

Angelica root, with the power of its harmonized action on the female organism, has the ability not only to replace the action of hormones, but also to increase the sensitivity of the body’s tissue receptors to those hormones. Angelica is similar to ginseng in her work, so she is often called “female ginseng”. This plant has a beneficial effect on gynecological diseases related to stagnation in the pelvic region, but also with disorders of uterine tone, contributes to the renewal of the menstrual cycle, including the period after taking hormonal preparations, normalizes hormonal balance in women. Angelica root is also used to prevent fibrocystic mastopathy, which can result in cancer. Red clover, which contains phytohormones, also showed help to the female organism in the form of prevention from the appearance of various tumor processes. This plant is high in biochanin A, which prevents the action of benzopyrene, a substance found in cancer cells.

Due to the essential oils, Angelica root has antispasmodic, diuretic and antimicrobial action, which is why it is often used in inflammatory processes of the urogenital tract, as well as in pain during the menstrual cycle.

However, the most effective anti-inflammatory effect of Angelica root is with Bearberry and Mugwort. Due to flavonoids, which reduce the permeability of capillaries, Bearberry and Mugwort reduce the permeability of cell membranes, walls of blood and lymph vessels, and reduce inflammatory processes in the female sexual sphere. Acting on the human body, Bearberry and Mugwort have not only anti-inflammatory, but also disinfectant, but also diuretic and astringent (tightening effect). Thus, these herbs are used for swelling of the legs, as well as for various pathologies of the urinary bladder, inflammatory processes in the kidneys and diseases of the urinary tract. In addition, Bearberry helps to “wash” the urinary tract of all products that contribute to inflammatory processes.

The herbal components of the Artemida Classic complex together with vitamins A and E make up the powerful antioxidant effects that make up the female beauty formula. Together, they are a powerful antioxidant “coalition” and an irreplaceable condition for beautiful and elastic skin. At the same time, vitamin A stimulates the immune system, increases the local immunity of the diuretic system, and even has an anti-cancer effect. Vitamin E prevents the formation of blood clots, improves cellular respiration, utilizes oxygen and reduces the destructive effects of free radicals. Vitamin E helps with chest pain and other symptoms of PMS, removes nervous tension, irritability and depression.

Ingredients: Angelica root, Bearberry leaf, Chasteberry fruit, Red clover aerial part, Vitamins A, E.

Quantity: 60 capsules

Net weight: 30 g

Dry extract of Chinese Angelica root (Angelica sinensis), (4:1, water extraction agent)380 mg**
Dry extract of black Mugwort leaf (Artemisia vulgaris), (4:1, water extraction agent)100 mg**
Dry extract of Bearberry herb (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi), (4:1, water extraction agent)100 mg**
Dry extract of the red clover herb (Trifolium pratense) standardized to 40% isoflavones

  • of which isoflavones
80 mg

  • 32 mg
Vitamin E5,4 mg TE***45%
Vitamin A600 µg RE****75%

* NRV – nutritional reference value
** – nutritional reference value not established
*** α-TE = α-tocopherol equivalents
**** RE – all trans retinol equivalent

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2 reviews for Artemida Classic

  1. Serbian

    Andrea G. (verified owner)

    Imala sam veoma bolne menstruacije i samo su mi lekovi protiv bolova pomagali. Sada redovno pijem ovaj proizvod, PMS jedva da osetim, a menstruacije su se normalizovale i ništa me ne boli. Mogu normalno da funkcionišem. 🙂

  2. Serbian

    Nataša J. (verified owner)

    Svojevremeno, ne konsultujući se sa lekarom, samostalno sam odabrala i počela da pijem tablete protiv začeća. Kao rezultat toga mi se menstrualni ciklus poremetio i skoro da mi je menstruacija nestala. Ni sa čim nisam mogla da izmenim situaciju. Suprug i ja smo želeli decu, ali ja nisam mogla da ostanem u drugom stanju. Dijetetski suplementi Vision su mi pomogli u najtežem trenutku. Prvo sam popila nekoliko proizvoda linije Classic Hit, a onda sam, dva meseca, koristila proizvode Medisoya i Artemida. Ciklus mi se normalizovao i ubrzo sam ostala u drugom stanju. Sada imam predivnu ćerku!

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