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• Improves sleep quality, reduces irritability.
• Helps to fall asleep faster and wake up easily.
• Solves the problem of intermittent sleep, prevents nightmares.
• Prolongs the phase of deep sleep.
• Contributes to the elimination of insomnia and restlessness.
• Reduces sensitivity to noise and light.
• Reduces the symptoms of morning fatigue.

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Mistik is an effective product for healthy sleep. Gently calms the nervous system, reduces nervous tension, reduces emotional sensitivity, improves sleep quality.
It can prolong the phase of deep sleep, reduce sensitivity to light or sounds, and help get rid of nightmares. Unlike synthetic sleeping pills, this complex does not cause addiction, symptoms of morning sickness, or daytime sleepiness. It can be used for a long period of time.
Mistik provides healthy sleep at any age, provides fast sleep and easy, cheerful awakening.

  • Facilitates falling asleep, has a calming effect
  • Prolongs the phase of deep sleep
  • It fights insomnia and feelings of anxiety
  • Reduces sensitivity to light and sounds
  • Does not cause drowsiness during the day
  • It helps with stress and psycho-emotional burdens.
  • It has a spasmolytic effect.
  • Prevents the development of nervous and mental disorders.
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • It works against arrhythmia.
  • Prevents allergic and skin diseases.

Do you feel sleepy several times during the day, but as soon as you find yourself in bed, the desire to sleep disappears, heavy thoughts appear and you keep tossing and turning trying to find a position that suits you? Does it happen that it takes 30 minutes to two hours before you fall asleep, and in the morning you feel like you haven’t had enough sleep and haven’t rested?

If you are tired of “counting sheep” at night, and in the morning you wake up more tired than when you went to bed in the evening; if all those exhausting sleep interruptions, which can be called insomnia in one word, bring you physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, then you need a natural complex Mistik, which contains herbal components and vitamins. Sleep is an absolutely necessary condition for a normal human life.

The Mistik complex will improve the quality of sleep, reduce nervous tension and ensure an easy and quick awakening. Feel again the meaning of such a harmonious and soothing wish, such as: “Good night!”, and such cheerful and energetic words: “Good morning!”

Phytocomposition consisting of California poppy , valerian, passion flower (Jesus wreath), lemon balm and hops, natural antidepressants, is an excellent formula for a good sleep. Valerian root has powerful relaxing properties, making it a useful ingredient for relieving stress, anxiety, nervousness and muscle tension. However, it is worth remembering that valerian is not a strong drug and has a mild and gradual effect, so regular and long-term use of valerian is recommended to achieve the best results. California poppy relaxes, soothes and removes nightmares. Thanks to such herbal composition, you can easily fall asleep and wake up in a good mood. The problem of frequent sleep interruptions is precisely prevented by the California poppy , which helps you fall asleep faster and prolongs the phase of deep sleep, that is, precisely that phase during which strength is restored. It has sedative properties thanks to alkaloids, special substances found in the plant.

Passionflower extract is used for nervous tension, against depressive states, asthenia (exhaustion, drowsiness), migraine, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalance, cardiovascular system problems…

Lemon balm has a sedative, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect, enhances the secretory function of the stomach and stimulates the motility of the digestive tract. It is used as an effective medicine for nervous overexcitement, for vegetovascular dystonia, for sleep disorders, for disturbed heart rhythm, for sudden pressure jumps due to emotional overstrain; for problems with food digestion, vegetative neurosis, gastritis and colitis caused by an emotional factor.

Hops contain phytoestrogens and polyphenols, which inhibit oxidative stress, prevent tumor development, improve well-being during menopause and prevent menopausal problems. It is effective for dizziness and headache, cardioneurosis, accompanied by attacks of rapid heart rate.

The main effect of L-theanine is to stimulate alpha activity in the brain. But what does that mean? Alpha wave activity is responsible for reducing stress symptoms, reducing anxiety and nervousness, and improving well-being and mood. This component acts on the brain similar to the effect of meditative practices, which allow you to quickly calm down, relax and at the same time not lose the ability to concentrate on complex tasks. It stimulates the synthesis of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is responsible for memory, high concentration and good mood, and also increases physical endurance during intense training.

Melatonin is a hormone that the body needs to regulate sleep. When a person falls asleep, the pineal gland (pineal gland, lat. glandula pinealis), a gland in the brain, starts producing it when it’s dark, and stops when it’s daytime – this is the main mechanism of the circadian rhythm. Our retina sends a signal to the brain about changes in lighting. Due to the fact that the length of the day varies at different times of the year, the body produces the most melatonin in the winter and less in the summer. Melatonin speeds up falling asleep by an average of 30 minutes.

The dietary product Mistik was specially created as an effective preventive tool against problems related to sleep disorders.
The highest level of quality of exclusively natural ingredients and production in accordance with the norms of GMP standards, the application of a unique cryo-crushing technology in order to preserve the biological activity of plant components, have provided the product with well-deserved recognition.
Clinical trials at the NII for nutrition at RAMN and many years of experience in using the products of a large number of users around the world testify to the highest quality, efficiency and safety.

Composition: Dry extract of valerian root ( Valeriana officinalis ); California poppy herb ( Eschscholzia californica ) in powder; L-theanine; Dry extract of passionflower herb ( Passiflora incarnata L. ); Dry extract of lemon balm leaves ( Melissa officinalis ); Dry extract of flowers and cones of hops ( Humulus lupulus ); melatonin.

Quantity: 60 capsules

Net weight: 28.44 g

(474 mg)
Dry extract of valerian root ( Valeriana officinalis ) (4:1, ethanol extraction agent)100 mg**
California poppy herb ( Eschscholzia californica ) in powder80 mg**
L-theanine50 mg**
Dry extract of passionflower herb ( Passiflora incarnata L. ) (4:1, water extraction agent)50 mg**
Dry extract of lemon balm leaf ( Melissa officinalis ) (5:1, water extraction agent)40 mg**
Dry extract of flowers and cones of hops ( Humulus lupulus ) (5:1, ethanol extraction agent)40 mg**
Melatonin1 mg**

* NRV – nutritional reference value
** – nutritional reference value not established

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3 reviews for Mistik

  1. Serbian

    Zorica G. (verified owner)

    Komplikacije u vezi sa selidbom u Nemačku su se odrazile na ćerkino zdravlje. Pojavila se depresija, pogoršalo se opšte stanje organizma.
    Depresija je prerasla u hronično stanje. Kada sam joj govorila o dijetetskim suplementima Vision, dugo nije verovala u njihovu efikasnost, ali me je, ipak, poslušala i počela da koristi proizvode protiv stresa Mistik, Hiper, Nortia i Pax. Moja ćerka je danas zdrav čovek, dobro spava i nema glavobolje. Primetno joj se popravila radna sposobnost. Ja sam veoma srećna majka!

  2. Serbian

    Jasmina C. (verified owner)

    Spremala sam ispite i zbog uznemirenosti nisam imala zdrav san, a to mi je bilo važno, kako bih sledećeg dana mogla bolje da pamtim. Počela sam da pijem Mistik, ali sam dodala i Brain-o-flex. Topla preporuka!

  3. Serbian

    Jasna B. (verified owner)

    Po preporuci kupila. Već dugo nemam zdrav san i često se budim. Ovo je čudo. Zaspala i spavala kao beba!

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