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• Restores optimism.
• It has a sedative effect and does not cause drowsiness during the day.
• Eliminates the feeling of melancholy and anxiety, pressure and apathy, improves sleep.
• Provides physical and mental activity, improves mood and improves social adaptation.
• Increases work capacity.
• Prevents nervous disorders.

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Hyper Classic is a natural antidepressant, it increases the level of working ability and social adaptation, helps relieve the symptoms and consequences of depressive states, such as melancholy, anxiety, depression and apathy.
Hyper Classic also has a generally positive effect on the physical and mental activity of the organism. Full of optimism, it has a positive effect on the psyche.

  • Improves mood and work ability
  • Relieves mental tension, does not cause drowsiness
  • It frees the body from melancholy, anxiety, apathy
  • Strengthens mental and physical activity
  • Increases social adaptation
  • Prevents the occurrence of nervous breakdown
  • It supports the process of synthesis of serotonin – the hormone of happiness

In the fight against depression, the ingredients of the Hiper Classic complex act selectively. Some phytocomponents with vitamins find damaged nerve fibers and accelerate the processes of their regeneration, while others regenerate the function of improving mood and emotional balance in the cerebral cortex.

Thus, black nettle has the role of a mild sedative in various neurological diseases, especially depression. This plant has a special ability to eliminate practically all the symptoms of the depressive stage: a constant feeling of sadness and restlessness, pessimism, as well as the inability to maintain social contacts.

The combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 perfectly complements the action of black nettle. Magnesium is the “element of peace” and the most necessary mineral for the nervous system. Precisely with the participation of magnesium, nerve cells can receive and transmit nerve impulses, achieving stable work of the nervous system. In addition, magnesium is found in higher concentrations in muscles, primarily in the muscle cells of blood vessels and the heart, where its main function is the process of relaxation. By eliminating muscle fatigue, magnesium provides general relaxation of the body, allowing us to remain calm and restrained even in stressful situations. However, the absorption of this microelement is possible only with vitamin B6, which has the ability to retain magnesium in the cell.

The active substances of hawthorn, which have strong cardiotonic and sedative properties, will help reduce the risk of developing ischemic heart disease, which increases several times in depression. Hawthorn vitalizes the heart muscle, normalizes its rhythm and improves coronary blood flow.

After the first dangerous signs of depression have been removed, the stage of improving social adaptation begins: a person is able to work efficiently and socialize again, his interest in favorite activities and entertainment returns, and he has a sense of satisfaction from them. St. John’s wort will help at this stage – one of the most effective herbal antidepressants that are able to raise the tone of life and fill a person with a sense of optimism. St. John’s wort contains hypericin, which increases the level of serotonin in the central nervous system and which determines the high antidepressant properties of the plant.

Serotonin or the hormone of happiness affects many functions of the organism: cognitive process, motor function, concentration and normal muscle tone. But the main function of this hormone in our body is especially important during depression, and that is to improve the mood that is formed in the cerebral cortex.

This complex work in stages must be supported by the powerful antioxidant effect provided by vitamin C from the Hiper Classic complex. Vitamin C not only neutralizes the action of free radicals on the nervous system, but also activates the production of anti-stress hormones, which protects a person from tension and irritability.

Ingredients: St. John’s wort, black nettle, hawthorn, magnesium, vitamins C, B1, B6, B12.

Quantity: 60 capsules

Net weight: 27.7 g

(922 mg)
Vitamin C20 mg25%
Vitamin B10,4 mg36%
Vitamin B60,4 mg29%
Vitamin B120,4 µg16%
Magnesium75 mg20%
St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), dry flower extract

  • of which hypericin
200 mg

  • 0,6 mg
Black nettle (Ballota nigra), dry herb extract, 4: 1100 mg**
White hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), dry extract of leaves and flowers, 4: 1100 mg**

* NRV – nutritional reference value
** – nutritional reference value not established

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  1. Serbian

    Miljan M. (verified owner)

    Imao sam vrlo sresne situacije na poslu. Stres sam u početku uspevao, koliko toliko, da hendlujem dok nisam doživeo nervni slom. Onda su mi prepisali i lekove, a stres na poslu se nije smanjivao… Sve je otišlo nizbrdo… i moja veza i neki prijatelji… Prošle godine sam upoznao finu devojku koja mi je preporučila ove proizvode i kojoj ne mogu dovoljno da se odužim. Naime, prvi mesec sam pio tri proizvoda…. Antiox, Detox i Pax… tu je odmah bio vidljiv pomak u mom raspoloženju a i stanju. Onda sam počeo da pijem i Hiper… A on je bomba! Mislim da bez Hiper ai Mistika ne bi mogao da preživim… Sada sam promenio i posao. Najbitnije je da odlično spavam i ne stresiram se više. Lekove su mi izbacili… Mislim da sam spreman i za novu vezu 😀

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