• Contributes to relieving nervous tension.
• Eliminates feelings of worry and anxiety, including symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
• Reduces the risk of nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine diseases.
• Calms the nervous system, increases the body’s resistance to stress.
• Regenerates the function of the thyroid gland, normalizes the hormonal balance.
• Eliminates pain in the heart area, normalizes its rhythm and improves coronary blood flow.
• Contributes to the production of joy hormones, serotonin.

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Nortia is a fantastic help for every woman who wants to re-establish balance in the body, especially in the period before menopause.
This bioactive dietary supplement contains plant components, microelements and vitamins, normalizes the functions of a woman’s endocrine system. They will help and support the hormonal and internal balance in the body.
Nortia is also chosen in case of the need to correct psycho-emotional problems – the complex stabilizes great nervousness, helps a person cope with anxiety states and helps in the process of regulation and levels of serotonin – the hormone of happiness.
St. John’s wort is widely used in depressive states and symptoms of anxiety, calms and at the same time vitalizes, improves mood. Copes effectively with seasonal mood swings.
Iodine regenerates work and restores the functions of the thyroid gland, normalizes hormonal status, supports emotional tone, helps normalize the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

  • Helps and supports hormonal and internal balance
  • It reduces emotional tension
  • Eliminates feelings of anxiety and discomfort in the period before menopause
  • Helps normal thyroid function

Ingredients: St. John’s wort, iodine, magnesium, astragalus root, hawthorn, vitamins B1, B6, B12.

Quantity: 60 capsules

Net weight: 27 g

(902 mg)
Energetic value:221 kcal /
924 kJ
2,0 kcal /
8,4 kJ
Proteins24,0 g216 mg
Carbohydrates27,0 g244 mg
Fats1,9 g16 mg
Vitamin B188,7 mg0,8 mg73
Vitamin B688,7 mg0,8 mg57
Vitamin B1288,7 µg0,8 µg32
Iodine5543 µg50 µg33
St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum)33,2 g300 mg
Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus)11,1 g100 mg
Leaf and flower of white hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna)11,1 g100 mg
Weight0.06325 kg


2 reviews for Nortia

  1. Jovana B. (verified owner)

    Imala sam probleme sa PMS-om i stalno sam bila uznemirena. Već pola godine pijem Nortiu, Pax i Artemidu i super sam.

  2. Snežana T. (verified owner)

    Bila sam mnogo nervozna. Nekada sam i sama sebi bila suvišna. Nortia me je umirila, bolje sam spavala. Pregledala sam štitnu žlezdu i hormoni su bili pod kontrolom. Samo prirodno!

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