Ursul Classic


• Prevents diseases of the urogenital system.
• Has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action.
• Prevents the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.
• Reduces the risk of developing infectious diseases of the urogenital tract, does not allow the development of chronic diseases.
• Reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.
• Strengthens the body’s immunity and adaptation capabilities.

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Ursul Classic is the only dietary supplement to prevent infections in the genital system. This complex helps the body fight inflammatory processes and strengthens the immune system.

Prevents the formation of stones in the kidneys and bladder. The devil’s claw participates in the prevention of a number of diseases of the urinary tract. Its root contains a complex of active substances, which reduce the degree of acidity of urine in the blood serum, also effectively affect bacteria that cause urological infections, and improve diuresis.

Ursul Classic contains unique microelements, such as devil’s claw root, bearberry leaves, copper gluconate, garlic, purple echinacea and wild oregano …
They help destroy pathogenic microflora, alleviate inflammatory processes, help the immune system fight infection …

  • Reduces the risk of urinary tract diseases
  • It has a preventive role in terms of the appearance of pathogenic microflora
  • Helps the body fight inflammatory processes, strengthens immunity
  • It prevents the processes of stone formation in the kidneys and bladder
  • It has an anthelmintic effect on the body

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Ingredients: devil’s claw, bear grapes, purple echinacea, garlic, wild oregano, copper (II) -gluconate.

Quantity: 60 capsules

Net weight: 29 g

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:1 capsule4 capsules100 gNRV*
devil’s claw root extract
(Harpagophytum procumbens) 3-4:1
63,3 mg253,3 mg13,1 g/
bearberry leaf extract
(Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) 4:1
12,5 mg50 mg2,6 g/
echinacea root extract
(Echinacea purpurea) 4:1
12,5 mg50 mg2,6 g/
wild oregano herb extract
(Origanum minutiflorum) 4:1
12,5 mg50 mg2,6 g/
garlic bulb extract
(Allium sativum) 10:1
5 mg20 mg1,0 g/
copper (II) -gluconate0,06 mg0,25 mg12,4 mg6-25%
Weight0.0645 kg



  1. Marko L. (verified owner)

    Odličan je! Bio sam malo skeptik da može da bude bolji, ali upala je prošla za par dana! Svaka čast

  2. Bojana N. (verified owner)

    Imala sam ozbiljnu upalu bešike. Pila Ursul i Nutrimax i rešila se problema.Topla preporuka!

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