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Healing properties of magnet, germanium, oxygen therapy …

The placement of magnets on the surface of the body and their effect on the human body was first studied by the Swiss alchemist and physicist Paracelsus (1493-1541). He wrote: “Magnets have different properties, and one of them is that they attract all the bad substances that can be found in the human body, so magnets are very useful in all kinds of inflammation, swelling and ulcers, as well as in bladder diseases. and the uterus. ” The Roman historian Pliny the Elder (23-79) noted that magnets were used in his time to treat eye diseases. The Persian physicist Avicenna (980-1037) used magnets to ward off the symptoms of depression. An ancient text, written in Sanskrit, Atarvaveda, speaks of the use of magnets to stop bleeding.

Look at history and you will be amazed that people in ancient times, and even emperors, were painted barefoot, but with bracelets. Bracelets had a special meaning just then: they were considered to be able to protect against diseases and prolong youth. However, gradually the sacredness of the bracelets decreased and it became either a symbol of power, or a tribute to fashion, or just a souvenir… The Vision company restores the meaning of the bracelet that it had on our hand, and those are the preservation, protection and strengthening of human health. There are many biologically active points on the wrist that are related to the cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory and other systems and organs in the human body. In today’s world, people are paying more and more attention to prevention and health promotion. This is dictated by caring for oneself and for future generations. New diseases appear on Earth every year. They are caused by stress, poor ecology and improper diet. New and modern technologies suggest additional possibilities for the fight against aging, stress, disease and other negative effects on human health. Vision experts have thought about the above issues for a long time and realized that the effect on the body must be mild and delicate. What can guarantee the strengthening of our health, without disturbing the basic functions of the organism? Ions, magnetic field, infrared radiation! This discovery also led Vision experts to create unique medicinal bracelets with bioceramic accessories. Vision Classic presents the PentActiv Neo bracelet with a fifth element – an accessory with nanosilver ions. Thanks to the unique action composed of five elements, PentActiv Neo bracelets preserve and strengthen human health.

The nanotechnologies used in PentActiv bracelets combined five elements:


Additives with positively charged nanosilver ions that have a strong antibacterial and antiviral effect. According to scientific data, rib ions effectively destroy 650 to 700 different types of pathogenic microbes, viruses and fungi, and the spectrum of action of the best antibiotics is from 5 to 10 types of bacteria, rays and magnetic waves.


Bioceramic additives with infrared radiation. Penetrating into the skin, infrared waves come into contact with water molecules, causing blood vessels to dilate. More intensive blood circulation contributes to the normalization of metabolism and tissue regeneration.


Bioceramic additives emit negatively charged oxygen ions. In nature, such ions can be felt near waterfalls or the sea. Once in the bloodstream, they enter into biochemical reactions. They have the ability to increase the level of serotonin and in that way fill a person with serenity and energy. They improve mood, mental and physical working ability.


Supplements with the effect of magnetotherapy are used to improve sleep and normalize blood pressure, but also against inflammation and pain in joints and muscles. They have a positive effect on improving blood flow, transporting oxygen and nutrients into the cells. They supplement the lack of energy, eliminate fatigue and reduce the consequences of stress.


Bioceramic additives with germanium 200 PPM which releases conversion electrons with an unusually short wavelength (10-1–10-6 nm). Germanium has the ability to supply cells with oxygen, stimulating them to produce energy. It has a vasodilating effect, acts against swelling, affects the general strengthening of the organism and strengthens the protection of the organism from tumors.

This chemical element was discovered at the end of the 19th century, and scientists immediately noticed its healing properties. Numerous studies have shown that germanium exhibits a wide range of healing effects. It ensures the transfer of oxygen to the tissues of the body, strengthens the immune status and acts against tumors.

The principle of action of GermaTeq supplements is as follows: during tactile contact with germanium, complex biochemical processes occur in the body that lead to healing of the bloodstream, enrichment of cells with oxygen, and thus to rejuvenation.

The bracelets are made in two variants: classic men’s and elegant women’s. The bracelets come in an elegant gift package. The length of the bracelets can be adjusted to the desired length. The components marked with arrows can be removed, which ensures a fine adhesion of the bracelet to the root of the hand. In the production of PentActiv Neo bracelets, advanced technologies have been used, which enable the possibilities of beneficial effects on the human body to be expanded, health to be strengthened, immunity to be increased and the negative impact of aggressive factors to be noticeably reduced.

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