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• Normalizes prostate function.
• Eliminates stagnant processes and regenerates prostate functions.
• Eliminates pain and swelling, normalizes urination and restores potency.
• It has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the body as a whole.
• Prevents prostate adenoma.
• Reduces the risk of impotence.
• Normalizes hormone levels and prolongs male youth.

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Artum contains all the necessary components for maintaining prostate health, helps improve prostate function and its blood supply, and participates in the prevention of prostatitis.
It regulates the work of the endocrine system, improves prostate function and strengthens the male reproductive system. It helps soothe inflammatory processes due to inflammation of the urinary tract, prevents prostate dysfunction and has a strong effect in the recovery periods after the disease, it also helps in the process of normalization of hormonal balance and supports the reproductive function of men.

The fruits of the dwarf palm regulate the work of the endocrine system, improve potency and have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system. They have an anti-inflammatory effect, prevent excessive enlargement of prostate tissue and support the body in the recovery period after the disease. For the synthesis of testosterone, a sufficient amount of minerals is necessary, of which zinc, which has a beneficial effect on the male reproductive system, is necessary to support reproductive function and the normal functioning of the immune system. Zinc affects the production of male sex hormones and plays an important role in preventing prostate adenoma. In addition, it is important for the work of the immune system. Also, this product has antioxidant properties.
The magnificent combination of powerful antioxidants, vitamin E and beta-carotene, has a stimulating effect on the immune system, protects cells from free radicals, increases reproductive function and potency, accelerates the metabolism of endogenous testosterone and ensures its normal synthesis.

  • Normalizes prostate function
  • It supports the process of normalization of hormonal balance in men
  • Supports sexual function in men

Ingredients: nettle (root), dwarf palm (berries), pumpkin (seeds), zinc, beta-carotene, vitamin E.

Quantity: 60 capsules

Net weight: 26.8 g


(892 mg)

Energetic value:346 kcal /
1447 kJ
3,0 kcal /
13,0 kJ
Proteins28,0 g250 mg
Carbohydrates41,2 g368 mg
Fats7,7 g68 mg
Vitamin E897 mg α-TE8 mg α-TE67
β-carotene561 mg5000 μg
Zinc1121 mg10 mg100
Nettle (Urtica dioica)39,2 g350 mg
Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens)5,6 g50 mg
Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo)5,6 g50 mg
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