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• Contributes to weight loss.
• Normalizes metabolism.
• Enhances the action of the diet.
• Reduces appetite and cravings for sweets and flour products.
• Reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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Do you want to lose extra pounds without harming your health? Include substances that burn fat quickly in your daily diet and you will quickly achieve the result of weight loss.

  • Contributes to weight loss
  • Normalizes metabolism
  • Enhances the action of the diet
  • It reduces appetite
  • It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Normalizes metabolism at the cellular level, helps to safely lose excess body weight. The balanced formula speeds up the metabolism, burns fats intensively, converting them into energy. Sveltform + slows down the process of converting carbohydrates into fat, eliminating their deposition. By using this safe dietary supplement, in combination with diet, the mechanisms that lead to weight gain are neutralized.

Sveltform + normalizes blood sugar levels, helps cells absorb and use glucose for energy, helps regulate appetite and reduces the feeling of hunger, thus correcting body weight.

To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to use Chromevital+ and Sveltform+ at the same time.

Ingredients: garcinia (lat. Garcinia cambogia), green tea (lat. Camellia sinensis ), bladder wrack (lat. Fucus vesiculosus), vitamin C, chromium.

Quantity: 60 capsules

Net weight: 30g


(501 mg)
Energetic value:290 kcal /
1220 kJ
1,5 kcal /
6 kJ
Proteins22 g110 mg
Carbohydrates48 g240 mg
Fats2 g7,5 mg
Garsinia (lat. Garcinia cambogia)40 g200 mg
Green tea (lat. Camellia sinensis )14 g70 mg
bladder wrack (lat. Fucus vesiculosus)14 g70 mg
Vitamin C6,4 g32 mg40%
chromium10 mg50 µg125%


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