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• Contributes to the complete absorption of all vitamins and minerals.
• Maintains the balance of intestinal microflora.
• Strengthens immunity.
• Prevention of avitaminosis.
• Regulates metabolism.
• Gives energy, serenity and good mood.
• Reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol.
• Participates in the prevention of osteoporosis.
• Relieves pain.
• Accelerates the elimination of pus and hematomas.
• Reduces inflammatory processes.
• Helps with expectoration.

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Senior Classic – a unique combination of essential vitamins, micro and macro elements, prebiotics and serapeptase (60,000 SPU). It supports the vitamin and mineral balance and contributes to the complete absorption of nutrients. It maintains the balance of the intestinal microflora, which also strengthens the immunity and improves the subjective feeling.

Vitamins are very necessary for daily activity, and with Senior Classic there is no need to take 8-10 different tablets every day because almost everything is already in one capsule. It supplies the body with necessary vitamins and minerals, contributing to their complete absorption.

  • Maintains the balance of intestinal microflora
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Participates in the prevention of avitaminosis
  • Improves the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients

This unique complex nourishes and prolongs the life of each cell. Unlike other vitamin and mineral products, the Senior Classic complex contains inulin, which supports the physiological balance of the microflora, improves the work of the digestive organs and helps solve problems such as constipation, diarrhea and bloating. Optimal balance has a beneficial effect on all body systems, increasing vitality and providing the body with energy, and a person with a great mood.

Life is a synergy of vitamins and minerals and their adequate intake in the body. This supports the process of metabolism, strengthens immunity and protects the body from negative external influences. However, the absorption of vitamins and minerals is impossible if our intestinal microflora is disturbed.

Senior Classic delivers nutrients to every cell of our body, thus extending its lifespan. Vitamins and minerals, supplemented with inulinand serapeptase, have found their place in the Senior Classic complex. Together, they increase immunity and physical activity, contribute to protection against the aging of the organism and support the health of all its systems.

Inulin – a natural probiotic, stimulates the growth of “good” bacteria in the intestines and provides better absorption of vitamins and trace elements in the body.

Vitamins and minerals are necessary components of the diet that fulfill important physiological functions in the body: they provide regulation of metabolism, growth and development processes of the organism, support of physiological biochemical balance.

In the process of metabolism, vitamins enter into various temporary relationships with each other. These connections can be very short-lived or relatively resilient. Vitamins, above all, help each other, replace each other, if at some point one of them is not. For example, vitamin E and vitamin B6 increase the activity of vitamins C and B1, whose reserves are depleted very quickly in cold climates. And the synergy of vitamins E and C make a powerful antioxidant complex. In addition, inulin is characterized by immunostimulatory and adaptogenic properties (increases the general endurance of the organism under the action of extreme factors).

In addition to the fact that vitamins have a great effect on each other, they also go well with minerals. One of the most well-known such actions is the action between magnesium and vitamin B6, which perfectly complement each other and support the health of the nervous system.

Magnesium is the “element of peace” and the most necessary mineral for the nervous system. In addition to magnesium, nerve cells can receive and transmit nerve impulses and achieve stable work of the entire nervous system. In synergy with calcium, which provides a reduction in nervous tension, magnesium also participates in supporting the tone of blood vessels. For its part, vitamin B6 improves the absorption of magnesium and its metabolism in the cell, it has the ability to fix magnesium in the cell, which is very important, since this macroelement is quickly eliminated from the body.

Vitamins PP, B12, C, E and zinc can be added to this action, where vitamin PP and zinc normalize the body’s immune response; Vitamin C and B12 act as antihistamines, and vitamin E increases the ability of cells to fight foreign substances, which increases the powerful protection against allergic conditions.

Regardless of the fact that vitamins and minerals are not building materials for the cells of our organism, their adequate approach can affect these processes, but also facilitate the course of many diseases. For example, in arthritis and polyarthritis, inulin, serapeptase, B vitamins, C and E, but also selenium are necessary. By interacting with inulin, serapeptase, vitamins C and E, selenium contributes to their antioxidant activity, thus preventing the destructive action of free radicals, reducing inflammation and pain and improving joint mobility. The complex of B vitamins reduces tissue swelling and improves microcirculation.

Inulin, the most effective prebiotic in the world that is part of the Di Reset complex, helps flush out heavy metals, radionuclides, cholesterol and various toxins and cleanses the blood. Once in the blood, inulin performs its antitoxic function by binding to chemical elements that reach the body from the outside.

When it reaches the digestive tract, inulin passes unchanged through the stomach and small intestine, and in the large intestine it exhibits its functional properties, selectively stimulating the growth and metabolic activity of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. In this way, inulin supports the multiplication of colon bifidobacteria, which should be more than other types of bacteria. Inulin also contributes to better absorption of many vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron and phosphorus.

One of the leading roles in atherosclerosis is chromium, which participates in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism and contributes to the reduction of its level in the blood. Copper and manganese are necessary for accelerating the healing process of wounds, but also for the formation of connective tissue – collagen and elastin. Copper has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects.

What should be said about such a systemic skeletal disease characterized by loss of bone mass, such as osteoporosis? In this case, a complex of vitamins and minerals is necessary, especially calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and B vitamins.

Manganese is necessary for the functioning of enzymes that participate in the formation of bone tissue, and zinc plays an important role in metabolic processes.

Vitamin and mineral complexes are especially needed for stress, fatigue and depression. It is the B vitamins, the so-called anti-stress vitamins, that are recommended for high psycho-emotional stress. The combined use of these vitamins with magnesium, calcium and zinc accelerates the regeneration processes of injured nerve fibers and stimulates the natural mechanisms of regeneration of nerve tissue functions.

It is no secret that the vitamins and minerals that are part of this biological complex act faster and more efficiently than the vitamins and minerals that are ingested through food. But are they 100% digestible by our body? The Senior Classic complex contains useful bifidobacteria, which not only ensure the preservation of vitamins and minerals, but also their complete assimilation in the body. In addition, inulin participates in the metabolism and digestion of food, regulates the work of the intestinal system, supports the balance of its bacterial flora and strengthens immunity.

Serapeptase has a strong anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) effect, blocks the release of amines that cause pain in inflamed tissue, antiedematous (reduces swelling), mucolytic (breaks down mucus) and fibrinolytic (breaks down fibrin) action.

Serapeptase effectively removes body pain and swelling, while at the same time reducing the possibility of thrombus and thrombosis that cause heart attack and stroke. Thus, it works to preserve the cardiovascular system and prevent cardiovascular diseases, which are the leading health problems regardless of a person’s age and part of the planet.

Serapeptase improves the effect of antibiotics, promotes dilution and elimination of mucus, pus and hematoma, helps with sinus inflammation and significantly accelerates recovery. It is extremely suitable for athletes because it supports the healing process of injuries, and it is also recommended for patients during post-operative recovery. It also helps with cough and expectoration.

There are many examples of the use of vitamins and minerals and their interaction. It is a mistake to think that it is enough to take certain vitamins and minerals in various diseases, because, with a deficiency of at least one of them, it is necessary to take a whole series of them in order to strengthen preventive action, which is achieved by such products as Senior Classic.

Ingredients: Inulin, Serapeptase, vitamins C, E, PP, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, H, zinc, beta-carotene, copper, manganese, chromium, selenium.

Quantity: 60 capsules
Net weight: 51.82 g

(863,7 mg)
Vitamin C60 mg75%
Vitamin E10 mg α-TE**83%
Vitamin B10,6 mg55%
Vitamin B20,8 mg57%
Niacin9,0 mg NE***56%
Vitamin B60,8 mg57%
Folic acid200 µg100%
Pantothenic acid2,3 mg38%
Vitamin B121,5 µg60%
Biotin50 µg100%
ß-carotene7 mg*****
Zinc5 mg50%
Chromium25 µg62%
Copper1 mg100%
Selenium50 µg91%
Manganese1,7 mg85%
Inulin500 mg*****
Serapeptase enzyme26 mg ( 60.000 SPU****)*****

* NRV – nutritional reference value
** TE = α-tocopherol equivalent
*** NE = niacin equivalents
**** SPU – serapeptase units for enzyme activity
***** – nutritional reference value not established

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3 reviews for Senior Classic

  1. Serbian

    Savka K. (verified owner)

    Kao osoba u godinama, imala sam česte padove energije i česte prehlade. Zahvaljujući Senior Classic, i preporuci drugarice osećam se vitalno i energično. Kao da sam otpornija na bolesti, aktivnosti mi postale lakše i ne osećam bolove u kolenu. Ovaj proizvod je čudo!

  2. Serbian

    Žana J. (verified owner)

    Senior Classic je moj tajni sastojak za zdrav stomak! Borila sam se nadimanjem i osećajem težine posle obroka. Nakon što sam počela koristiti ovaj proizvod, primetila sam znatno poboljšanje. Sad se osećam laganije, a i nadutost se smanjila. Ovo je spas

  3. Serbian

    Gorica R. (verified owner)

    Senior Classic je promenio moj život! Nakon što su mi lekari rekli da trebam da obratim pažnju na nivo holesterola, počela sam koristiti ovaj proizvod. Rezultati su bili neverovatni! Nivo lošeg holesterola se znatno smanjio, a ja se osećam mnogo bolje i zdravije. Preporučujem ga svima sa sličnim problemima

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